Sometimes people ask me what I do for a living. (Actually they ask me where I work.) I’m a writer and performer. Unfortunately my love of both has left me without much proficiency for either. If you set aside any one thing that I’d do and Now Magazine could easily name me as one of the worst artists in Canada. And that’s saying a lot. I can’t sing. I can’t act. My writing is basically gibberish. Put ’em all together… and I actually come up with pretty good stuff sometimes. I figure that this is because of my perspective.

It’s weird being First Nation’s in Canada. I don’t mean weird as in “can’t put your finger on it.” I mean weird as in tripping-on-acid-at-a-county-fair weird. I’m watching the matrix with jerry garcia every day. I try to explain what I mean but I can’t and so I write songs and stories about how I see the world. Now, I set out to make very high end stuff, here, people. Realism. Naturalism. But because a) I see the world as a psychedelic mind-fuck; and b) I’m not that good at what I do, what actually comes out is pretty…weird. And that can make for a pretty good show.

Thanks for checking out my website.